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After playing several rounds of Memoir '44 online using Vassal, I'll have to qualify my earlier statement. I'll now look to other games, such as Flames of War and Conflict of Heroes when I'm looking for a crunchier World War II wargaming experience. Memoir '44 provides that quick and easy fix of WW II gaming as each game can be played in less than an hour (usually half-that time). Memoir '44 is less complex than Battlelore, though I don't necessarily think that less complexity is a bad thing. Most of the game's expansions add on additional rules and flair to ratchet up the complexity just a smidgen. I'm ok with the level of abstraction though I'm always tempted to tinker with variant units and rules.

On that note, here are the add-on rules I currently use for Solitaire play when playing Memoir '44 or Battlelore:
A. At the beginning of each side's turn, randomly discard one card from their hand, then draw one new Command Card. (Remember to reveal the face-down Command Card from Rule C below).

B. When selecting a Command Card to play, choose the best card in the hand to play given the situation. If the die roll results in a Star symbol, keep the "best card" in your hand and select a different Command Card to Play amongst the other cards. I do this only once per turn.

C. At the end of a turn, draw a new Command Card (as per usual) however don't look at the card, place the Command Card face down until the start of that side's next turn.

D. Other rules for specific cards:
D1. When a unit is about to attempt a Close Assault and the defender has an Ambush card, the defender rolls a die. If the roll results in a Star Symbol, the defender keeps the Ambush card in their hand. Otherwise, the defender springs the Ambush.


I'm also trying to sell some of my RPG books and a few board games to scrounge enough cash to buy the tabletop versions of C&C Ancients and/or Battlelore. It's not that easy as it doesn't look like people have a lot of spare cash for luxuries such as games. That, and perhaps I'm not quite willing to give away everything at bargain bin prices.

I'm also looking into suitable figures in the event I'd like to replace the blocks used in C&C Ancients with something that has more visual appeal. It looks like 1/72 scale figures may meet that need optional requirement.

Next steps:
* Sell more gaming goods to get new gaming loot
* Work on Memoir 40K: I have some thoughts on this adaptation but I'm not ready to share the full write-up with the world just yet.
* Battlelore Variant Unit: I'm going to try my hand at writing up Saladin's forces and their allies. For reference, I'll be using a copy of "Field of Glory - Sword & Scimitars". I got on the cheap at one of my favourite used bookstores in Toronto when I was there on a business trip.
* Play more games!


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Apr. 13th, 2011 08:35 am (UTC)
I think that is right bout that. Nice info and thanks. Need to get in google feed.

Apr. 13th, 2011 10:53 pm (UTC)
great post as usual!

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